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Battery Operated Vehicle (BOV)

Due to the toxic emissions of diesel and petrol vehicles, the air pollution in our cities has reached alarming levels, The increasing vehicle population is also consuming our scarce oil serves, To overcome these difficulties we have a Battery Operated Road Vehicle – A SMOKELESS, NOISELESS, OIL FREE BATTERY POWERED VEHICLE.


Electric motor, powered by a pack of rechargeable tract ion batteries positioned in the vehicle itself, The power transmission takes place though conventional gear box . The speed is controlled by an Electronic Chopper Controller and gear changing..


This employs no IC engine & no oil to operate. In all other respect such as steeering braking, gear box and clutch arrangements etc. BOV are similar to conventional diesel or petrol vehicles. Therefore they need no extra training to drive.

Advantages of BOV:

1) Freedom from highly discomforting noise & vibrations so common in diesel vehicles.
2) Recurring savings of petrol or diesel.
3) Ideal vehicle to keep environment clean.
4) Ideally suited as public transport in congested areas, hospitals, factories, wild life sanctuaries, airport, schools & places of historic Importance.

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