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The aims and objectives of GEDA are as under :

To identify the beneficiaries and their problems with regard to energy requirement in the State of Goa.

To draw up model plans for investments in and execution of energy programmes, production/installation of renewable energy systems and other related activities to be undertaken by the beneficiaries for seeking solution to their problems.

To execute various plans of new and renewable sources of energy and pilot projects for the benefit of all persons, particularly those who are below the poverty line, and others, in the rural and urban areas of the State of Goa, either directly or with the assistance and co-operation of various existing agencies engaged in this field whether private or public or co-operative, Industrial Development Corporation, Municipal Councils, Block Panchayat Samities, Co-operative Banks, Departments of Government of Goa and Central Government.

To organize and arrange supplies, installations and commissioning of energy systems/equipments and devices like Solar Cookers, Solar Water Heating Systems, Industrial Solar Water Heating Systems, Industrial Solar Grain Dryers, Solar Houses, Domestic Solar Water Heaters, Solar Timber Seasoning Plants, Solar Cabinet Dryers, Solar Fruit Dryers, Solar Crop Dryers, Solar Curing Plants, Solar Stills, Solar Chilling Plants, Solar Photo Voltaic Pumps, Solar Cells, Solar Batteries, Wind Mills, Aero-generators, Energy Saving Equipments like “fuel /energy” saving stoves and systems, Bio-gas plants, Bio-gas engines, etc. and battery vehicles and such other things.

To arrange and organize construction and commissioning of community and individual bio-gas plants and installation of systems through “organizations/contractors/Government Departments”, etc.

To arrange and organize extension and demonstration services to educate the public on and about the uses and working of different types of energy systems and devices.

To provide assistance in energy equipments and installations for the development of Agriculture, Fisheries, Dairy Industry, Hotels, Educational Institutions, Hospitals, Industrial Households, through the use of different Non- Conventional Energy Systems, equipments and devices.

To undertake or assist tree plantations, woodlots, etc., for meeting energy needs.

To convene, organize or assist seminars, meetings, conferences, etc., on new and renewable sources of energy and related subjects and to maintain libraries, reading rooms, etc., and undertake documentation in the aforesaid subjects.

The income of the Society shall be utilized only for the achievement of the above objects of the Society and no portion thereof shall be distributed amongst members.

GEDA focuses on promotion of Solar Thermal and Solar Photovoltaic “Systems/Devices”, (SPV+ Wind) hybrid projects, energy efficient devices and rural energy activities, such as Integrated Rural Energy Programmed (IREP), and Improved Chulhas Programmed (ICP). Integrated Rural Energy activities are implemented in rural and semi-urban areas in association with the Block Development Officers (BDOs). Other activities of the Agency involve promotion and establishment of Non-Conventional Energy Parks, Energy Efficient Buildings, Biogas plants, etc. A draft Non Conventional Energy Policy for the State of Goa was already formulated in the year 2002 and approved in principle by the Government after incorporating suggestions from the public. However, the draft Policy is being further refined and will be notified for implementation, after the completion of on going scientific Wind Energy Survey with the help of the Centre for Wind Energy Technology (C-WET). The Wind Survey has been completed in South Goa and is due for completion in North Goa during the financial year 2009-10. Appropriate policy incentives will be provided to tap potential renewable energy sources such as solar radiation, wind, small hydro, tidal/wave forces and biomass, for possible generation of grid quality electricity, through competent private entrepreneurs.

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