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Solar Lantern

A Solar Photovoltaic Lantern is a lighting system consisting of lamp, battery, and other circuitry placed in suitable casing made of metal, plastic, or fibreglass and a PV module


1) Lamp cover, Gold plated nuts, CFL 5W tube, Reflector plate, Tube holder, Battery, Charge Socket, Switch (On/Off)  solar module.
2) The module converts the sun’s light energy into electrical energy that is stored in a battery housed inside the lantern.
3) A 5 mt long cable is used o connect the module on the top of the house to the lantern inside the house.


1) Solar module should be mounted on the roof of the house, using the clamps provided with the system, where it shall be exposed to sunlight throughout the day
2) Daily during daytime, the lantern should be put on charge .The 2-pin connector at the end of the cable from the SPV module should be connected to the socket at the rear of the lantern. Ensure green LED glows. It is advisable to keep the light switch in the OFF position during charging
3) During nighttime, when the lantern is needed, the connector from SPV module is to be unplugged and the lantern can be carried to the place where it is needed. The lamp can be switched ON using the switch provided. When lamp switches OFF and red lamp glows, the light switch should be put OFF

Applications and uses:

  • For indoor and domestic lighting.
  • For maintenance work in remote places during night hours.
  • As a break up during power failure.
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